Do you own a holiday house in Robe and need assistance with property management? Happyshack provides assistance with the maintenance of your investment properties or professional property management of holiday accomodation in Robe, South Australia.

Happyshack is a privately run partnership established by Richard & Debra Mackey in Robe, SA. Richard & Debra's initial vision of giving holiday homes that 'lived in feeling' has been developed and expanded to satisfy the growing needs of investment property owners.

Happyshack has been created to reduce your time, effort and stress and put the 'play' back into your leisure time.

The friendly and knowledgeable owners of Happyshack will make your visit to Robe a pleasure. Our website lists over 30 holiday accommodation options, from affordable guest houses to well-appointed, fully self-contained holiday rentals.

Find your perfect Robe accommodation using our Quick Find service, or view all holiday rental properties in Boat Harbour, Beach Front, Long Beach, Outer Robe, Ski Lake, Town Central or West Beach.

Robe Property Management Services